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Lollihops is a disabled frog.

100% of the proceeds from Lolli’s adoption fee will go the The Future Frog Fund of The Sticky Toes Oasis non-profit organization.

Lolli completed metamorphosis with a deformed leg/knee.

We are looking for just the right home for Lolli that can give Lolli a little extra attention and simple setup to give them a chance at a long, healthy life.

Lolli’s disability doesn’t seem to affect them in any way — eating, hopping, climbing about like normal (just a little slower than their enabled frog friends).

RESCUE - Lollihops

  • We ship FedEx Overnight only - please do not select local pickup at checkout.

    We ship Monday through Wednesday evenings and most deliveries arrive before noon the following day. Shipments depend on the weather so we will notify you if extreme weather will cause a shipping delay.

    Please contact us within one hour of delivery to notify us of any issues with your frog(s) upon arrival.

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